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It all began two years ago……..One evening we could hear a helicopter circling the local area. This went on for some time until eventually we saw a post on facebook saying a local man that suffers with dementia had not returned home.

I wasted no time in grabbing my walking boots and jacket and I set, picking up my father on the way. As we walked round fields in the dark it quickly became apparent that valuable time had passed, as at a slow pace you can easily cover 3 miles in an hour. we tried to best guess where a stranger may have gone….an impossible task. until 2am we walked, bumping into a stationary police car with two non local officers inside they could offer little advice of where had been checked or needed checking.  although desperate not to give up fatigue set in an we had to call it a night.

The next  day we started again with fresh info that he was possibly seen in a certain area. as we searched a wooded area for over an hour, we were just leaving when someone came by saying it had already been checked….very frustrating!

Thankfully the man was found later that day some 7 miles away, a little confused but none the worse for wear.

so while we were walking mile after mile meeting others along the way, a few things became apparent.

TIME.-so much time was wasted before we even knew about it. the quicker people are keeping an eye out the smaller an area they will be found in.

ORGANISATION-the amount of time and effort wasted walking areas that had already been checked, and with no real way to coordinate search teams


So from there came two apps

one that alerts everyone in the area immediately, and also anyone who enters the area for the following two weeks. “Community Alert”


one that plots places searched on to a map, also that shows an area of “best place to search” based on age, gender, mode of transport and mental state. this will save precious time while searching “Community Search”