Missing Person Alert

Welcome to Missing Person Alert

Too many people are reported missing every year, in recent years this has been as many as 250,000! over 50% being children.  Can you imagine the panic of not knowing where your loved one was? You would want as many people as you possible looking for them right? and equally we’re sure you would want to help in anyway you can.

So we have made this simple APP, it sends out a notification if anyone is reported missing within 15 miles of  your area.

You don’t have to keep checking it! it works in the background, checking if you have come into an area where someone has been reported missing.

This means it will notify people who are not from the area, day visitors and  tourists .


Down load the APP for free

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Simply Install,  Register your phone and Forget.

Thank you for using Missing Person Alert


Please share the APP on Facebook to raise awareness, the more people using the APP the more powerful a tool it will become.


If you find someone then there will be a telephone number on the app of who to call. Obviously if they need medical assistance then call the emergency services with out delay.

Stay with them until help arrives, try and keep them calm and reassure them, Remember not to put yourself or others in danger at any time.